Plot: Your wife is stricken with a deadly disease, and your support for her is very important at this stage...

Dear Reader (You),

This game started life as an entry to the RPG Maker One Map Game Challenge. A different game development experience, whereby this game has a more emotional side compared to my previous works. 

Regardless, my hope is that you all like it! Please, share it with your loved ones, your friends, colleagues.

Thank You Very Much !!

Yours sincerely,

NASRAN SALLEH (Game developer)


  • Graphics by Kadokawa Games
  • Audio by Kadokawa Games, Stevie Wonder, Carole King, W.A. Mozart, Frederic Chopin, J.S. Bach, and many more
  • Storyline by Nasran Salleh

Install instructions


  1. Open The Last file.
  2. Extract content to any location in your hard drive.
  3.  Enjoy the game :)


The Last Will - Sept 2019 Updates.rar 84 MB

Development log


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This was a really fascinating and enjoyable story to play through. The only criticism one might have is that there were a decent number of typos. You may want to have a native English speaker help you and proofread over it if you plan any further updates.

Thank you for playing! 

Indeed, I noticed several mistakes in the spelling, and again I thank yoh for pointing it out.


This really is a nicely crafted little story within a game. I'm a big fan of "interactive story" games like this one, I've played some absolutely beautiful games that follow this style.

The Last Will is a tad rough around the edges, for sure, but it's got a whole lot of heart. It's also packed with emotion, a few surprising laughs here and there and everything is topped off with a big ol' dollop of introspection.

If you're up for a journey through one couple's life, struggles and unbound love and acceptance of fate, then this game will fill up a good hour or so of your life!

Nasran, this is a cracking little experience, and I do hope you keep up the game-making and good work =)

The Last Will

Developed/Created by Nasran Salleh

Reviewed by Carl Marajay (TheWorldOfCM)


"A short story interactive visual novel game that touches my heart, from the reality of life." ~ cm



The Last Will is a game that focuses on the effectiveness of storytelling and storywriting in an interactive medium. It is more of a visual novel to me, and I think it has its own charm. It gave me an honest chill from inside that reminded me of being human, an emotional feeling. I love the flow of the story, the pacing is good. I love that the dev. tried to introduce the characters in a bits of ways. It wasn't slow and that's what I like about it.
The music is just right for the scenes. The dev. knows what he is doing. The twinkling guide is good because it does not waste the player's time finding where to go next. Yes it is a linear narrative, but it gives more advantage in telling a heartwarming and sad story effectively, atleast for me. It kind of a chill, good story game that can be played in a short playthrough, just to get away from life, yet the game is about life...ironic.

To the dev. Nasran, I'm happy for you. I knew that you have potential to be a good game dev./storyteller and it shows in this game. The story is not that unique but it's true, it is real. I hope you improve it more specially the graphics part. It can be done. Maybe add more backstories aside from the park scene? really make the characters grow to the player. I was emmersed playing it though. The topic is somewhat familiar to my life years ago, that is the reason why the game can bring emotional triggers to the player, most players can relate to it. Players who has the same situation in life can connect to the game, and that is a plus. Connection between players and a game is best done in a story driven and character driven games, because once in our lives we are that character, we felt the pain and sadness or happiness if positivity can be found. All in all, I love this short playthrough about life. Continue making more story games or visual novels. Thank you and congrats! Thumbs Up for me.

p.s. Thanks for the ending credit. My English is still improving... :p

~cm ☕

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Thank you very much for the comment and suggestions, Carl !!

I shall consider your points and attempt to improve further on this game's features.

Big fan here, always loved playing your games :D


Beautiful game!

I love the general setting of the maps and just some minor improvements could make them even better.

The writing is nice, maybe just add a few (grammar) corrections in a future update.

Sadly it is too short, to get really involved with the characters self. However, it's possible to feel involved by having experienced something similar in the past.

The drawings I found very cute.

Nice job overall. :)

Thank you very much !!

I have recently updated the latest version of the game, with some changes to the soundtrack among other things :D