A downloadable Burton's School Rush for Windows

You woke up late, and you realized...it's almost time for school!

Make your way to school in around 10 minutes, before the school session begins. Good luck!
P.S. This game is made for a 10-minute game challenge :D

Install instructions

  1. After you've downloaded 'School Rush.zip', open it
  2. Extract 'School Rush.exe' to any location in your hard drive.
    Voila! You can start playing by clicking on the School Rush.exe file.


School Rush.zip 88 MB


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School Rush by Nasran

Review by CM


Hey Nasran, you're so fast. You were the first maker to finish our 10 minutes game challenge. It was a quick play but still good job! Congratulations.

Here's my quick review about your game. Read it with a grain of salt. Oh by the way thanks for that mention in your ending credits. :)



(1) I like that you compiled it to .exe than having a lot of folders. I highly recommend makers to do the same. Good job.

(2) At the Title Screen, when I went to Options and wanted to return to the Title, there's an error message. Error: (see image attached)

Solution: I created a folder 'www' and inside that folder I created another one 'save'. The error's gone after.

(3) Try to put a custom logo to your game(s). Even if it's just a short game, custom logo will add to the game's content.

(4) The Title screen is simple and the music fits the theme. Nothing more to say. You can still improve it in your future projects.

(5) I like the font, very readable and big, fits the lively game.

(6) The mapping is too boxy but carry on. You can improve it in your future projects.

(7) Some shadows felt weird haha but carry on.

(8) The battle system is the default one, I like the different colors of monsters. Nothing more to say. You can improve it in your future projects.

(9) I like the battle BGM, upbeat sound.



All in all the game was quick played obviously because of the 10 mins rules but still good job for finishing a short game. You have the potential to improve and be a much better designer and developer. Just continue on learning and enjoying what you love. You have the sense of good design, I can tell. Practice, learning more, improving more.


School Rush...you can add school elements for monsters like terror teachers or living calculator hahaha, just suggestions though. For puzzles, school subjects, number puzzles.

End Message:

Thanks Nasran for joining our RPG Biz 10 Minutes Challenge. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this challenge. Cheers. :)

You have completed the challenge. Congratulations!

~ cm 

Congrats for completing the 10 minutes challenge Nasran. Good Job! cm

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Cool ^^ I like the dialogues and the death screams xD

henryetha Thanks xD the screams are random stuff from the RPG Maker package xD